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Choosing a Technology Partner for Your BusinessWednesday, November 18th, 2009 - By

What should Small and Medium Sized Business owners look for when they select a technology company?

handshakeAs a business owner, your use of technology can be a determining factor in the success of your business. That makes selecting a company to support your computer systems one of the most critical for your organization. As you evaluate companies, there are several important factors you should look at when making this decision:

  • High Level of Customer Service

It is easy to find companies that can fix your PC or install a network device for your company.  The real challenge is to find a company that also understands the value of providing excellent customer service.  Your technology vendor must be able to respond quickly to your requests and resolve issues promptly.  They should be easy for you and your employees to reach and deliver and their promises. Continue Reading »

Who Is Watching Your Technology?Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 - By

Recent Issues at Danger/Microsoft and Google Bring Attention to SaaS Providers

postiniIssues with Google Mail in September, and more recently with Google’s Postini and T-Mobile’s Sidekick data hosted by Microsoft and Danger have brought to light one of the important aspects of using cloud computing: your data integrity and system performance is based directly on the technology partner you choose. These issues are not necessarily a failure of cloud computing, but an example of what can happen when you have poor IT management.  SaaS solutions can be more cost effective initially, but having your data managed by large scale third parties could lead to some dire consequences for your business. As we have seen with Danger, Google, and other SaaS providers, there is no way for you to be entirely sure your data is secure or your systems will always be available.

Today, some of Util-IT’s customers were directly affected by the issues at Postini. Fortunately, because of our monitoring and management solutions we were able to quickly work around the issue, allowing their mail to flow into their inboxes without delay. Continue Reading »

Keeping Everyone ConnectedFriday, September 4th, 2009 - By

How Windows SharePoint Services Help Businesses Share Information and Collaborate

windows-sharepoint-logo“Content Management” is a phrase that often gets mentioned in technology and business discussions, but what does it actually mean? Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a technology that allows you to organize and manage important documents, tasks, meetings, e-mails and discussions. The advantage of a content management solution is it gives employees a single place to locate and store critical corporate information. One of the most widely used solutions for Content Management is Microsoft’s Windows SharePoint Services. A 2008 Gartner Survey placed Microsoft in their “Magic Quadrant” as one of the leaders in the ECM space, noting that “of all the vendors, Microsoft has driven the most change in the ECM market over the last 18 months with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. By delivering a broad set of functionality… Microsoft has changed the way organizations think about content management and collaboration.” Continue Reading »

What Happened to THz3?Friday, August 28th, 2009 - By

THz3 Changes Its Name to Util-IT

THz3_LogoOver the last ten years, THz3 had a difficult time getting our customers to remember our name and understand what THz3 symbolized. I bet there are many of you right now that still do not know what THz3 means. After a decade of confusion, it was time to make a change and that became the new company name: Util-IT. Util-IT does a much better job of describing who we are as a company and better defines the service we provide to our customers. Continue Reading »



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